Motor Yachts

5.6 m Motorboat1954-01-20Profile and lines
5.6 m Motorboat1954-03-22Table of offsets and construction plan
5.6 m Motorboat1954-03-22Profile and lines
5.60 Motor-Cruiser1948-02-01Profile and lines
7.30 m motor boat Construction Plan
7.35 m Motorboat1953-01-08Profile and lines
7.35 m Motorboat1953-01-09Table of offsets
7.35 m Motorboat1953-02-14Accommodation
7.35 m Motorboat1953-10-29Steering stand
7.35 m Motor-Cruiser1955-10-14Profile and lines
7.35 m Motor-Cruiser1955-10-14Profile and lines
7.35 m Motor-Cruiser1955-10-14Table of offsets
7.35 m Motor-Cruiser1955-11-30Accommodation
7.35 m Motor-Cruiser1955-12-12Detail gasoline tank
7.40 m motor boat1952-09-19Profile and lines
8.50 m motor boat proposal  8,50 m motor boat proposal
8.50 m motor boat proposal  8,50 m motor boat proposal
8.6 m Motor-Cruiser1955-03-31Profile
8.6 m Motor-CruiserNot statedProfile and lines
8.6 m Motor-Cruiser1954-10-28Table of offsets
8.6 m Motor-Cruiser1955-01-11Deck plan and furnishing
8.6 m Motor-Cruiser1955-01-11Accommodation plan
8.6 m Motor-Cruiser with sail1955-02-23Profile
8.6 m Motor-Cruiser with sail1955-02-23Sail plan
8.6 m Motor-Cruiser with sail1955-02-15Accommodation
8.6 m Motor-Cruiser with sail1955-02-23Details
9.0 m Motor-Cruiser1953-05-27Profile
9.0 m Motor-Cruiser1953-01-01Profile and lines
9.0 m Motor-Cruiser1953-06-15Lines
9.0 m Motor-Cruiser Deck and frames
9.0 m Motor-Cruiser1953-06-15Table of offsets
9.0 m Motor-Cruiser1953-06-15Accomodation
9.0 m Motor-Cruiser1952-03-26Rodder och skädda axelbärare
9.50 m motor yacht Proposal1952-03-19Profile and lines
9.60 m Motor-Cruiser1952-10-17Profile
9.60 m Motor-Cruiser Profile (Pencil drawing)
9.60 m Motor-Cruiser Profile and lines
9.60 m Motor-Cruiser1964-09-05Profile and lines
9.60 m Motor-Cruiser1952-05-07Table of offsets
9.60 m Motor-Cruiser1952-06-03Deck plan
9.60 m Motor-Cruiser1952-10-16Accomodation
9.75 m Motor-Cruiser1952-04-04Profile
9.75 m Motor-Cruiser1951-10-26Table of offsets
9.75 m Motor-Cruiser Profile and lines
9.75 m Motor-Cruiser1952-03-20Profile and lines
9.75 m Motor-Cruiser1952-03-12Profile and lines
9.75 m Motor-Cruiser1952-03-04Motorcruiser Accommodation
9.75 m Motor-CruiserNot statedConstruction Plan.Locker
9.75 m Motor-Cruiser1952-05-08Mast
9.95 m Motor-Cruiser Profile
9.95 m Motor-Cruiser1955-11-19Profile
9.95 m Motor-Cruiser1955-11-19Profile
9.95 m Motor-Cruiser1955-11-19Profile
9.95 m Motor-Cruiser1956-02-11Motor boat plan
9.95 m Motor-Cruiser1955-10-26Profile and lines
9.95 m Motor-Cruiser1956-01-05Table of offsets
9.95 m Motor-Cruiser1955-11-19Furnishing
9.95 m Motor-Cruiser1956-02-20Boat partitions and furnishing
9.95 m Motor-Cruiser1955-11-19Furnishing
Double-ender Motor-Cruiser1951-12-21Profile
Double-ender Motor-Cruiser1952-03-15Profile
Double-ender Motor-Cruiser1951-12-01Profile and lines
Double-ender Motor-Cruiser1951-12-10Table of offsets
Double-ender Motor-Cruiser1951-12-21Accomodation
Double-ender Motor-Cruiser1952-04-01Steering cabin
Double-ender Motor-Cruiser1952-04-02Midship bulkhead
Double-ender Motor-Cruiser1951-02-14Detail of stern
Lotsbat1949-08-08Profile and lines
Lotsbat1935-01-01Table of offsets
Motor-Cruiser1951-11-15Profile and lines
Motor-Cruiser1954-04-27Construction Plan
Motor-Cruiser1951-11-12Table of offsets