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OHLSON 36 – The Racing Machine

The boat that built the international reputation

Richard ”Jud”Henderson, author and sailor. A boat for all reasons

…”if I had to pick one boat to own and sail for the rest of my life, it would most probably be the boat I now own, an Ohlson 38. ..the Ohlson 38 is my favorite. Of course, there are some boats that are faster, a few that are prettier, others that are more comfortable, still others that are easier to handle and maintain, anad some that are better built and more seaworthy, but there are none I’m familiar with that have such a favorable combination of all these features. Perhaps the most attractive feature of the O-38 is her sailing ability. She is responsive, beautifully balanced, and fast, especially when beating to windward in a moderate to fresh breeze”.

Jim Kelly

”Ohlson 38 the Ferrari of the Day”.

”I spent over 4 years completely fitting out my Ohlson 38. Sailed her over 30 years she was a brilliant performer and beautiful both inside and outside. Her name ”Slim Chance” I sold 7 years ago it was one of my greatest mistakes. If anyone knows of here whereabouts please let me know. I want her back”.

Daniel Fisher

”The Immortal Ohlson 38. Video tour of one of the most beautiful performance cruisers ever built, the Ohlson 38. Introduced in 1967, it was designed by the Ohlson brothers of Sweden, whose 5.5meter keelboats dominated the Olympics in the 1950s and 1960s.”

Jim Payne

Ohlson 37, Kristin, ”wins races constantly”. She is named ”that dammed blue boat” by her competitors.

Paul Letourneau

”I appreciate even more now the incredible design talent of Ohlsons. Their yachts are magnificent and majestic”.