Ohlson 38

O-38 1967-01-01 Waterlines
O-38 1967-01-01 Frames
O-38 1969-06-24 Roof and deck lines
O-38 1968-01-01 Coach roof
O-38 u.å. Off-set table roof and deck
O-38 1967-01-30 Initial keel design
O-38 u.å. Keel
O-38 u.å. Keel
O-38 1973-05-17 Keel design
O-38 1967-08-25 Profile, half torn-up
O-38 1967-08-28 Calculation of wetted surface/displacement
O-38 u.å. Section SPT -1
O-38   Section 0
O-38   Section SPT 1/2
O-38   Section 1
O-38   Section 2
O-38 1967-09-07 Section 3
O-38 1968-09-17 Section at frame #3 looking forward
O-38 1968-09-17 Section 4
O-38 1968-09-05 Section 5
O-38 1968-09-18 Section at #5 Looking Forward
O-38 1968-09-05 Forward stowage bulkhead Looking Forw #5
O-38 u.å. Section 6 and 7
O-38 1968-09-05 Section 8
O-38 1968-09-05 Section aft Toilet Room Bulkhead , Looking Forward
O-38 1967-09-07 Section 9
O-38 1968-11-01 Deck: Green marked areas for antislip treatment
O-38 1967-11-10 Design of normal transom
O-38 1968-03-18 Normal and reverse transom/plug
O-38 1973-06-14 New stern
O-38 1968-01-01 Construction with deckbeams in wood
O-38 1968-11-01 Deck in GRP
O-38 u.å. Various amendments to orginal plan
O-38 1968-06-24 Radius of coachroof to deck
O-38 1967-08-30 Engine position and hull design
O-38 1967-11-09 Engine mounts VP MD2
O-38 1969-11-27 Engine mounts Farymann II
O-38 1971-08-05 Engine mounts VP MD2B
O-38 1967-11-08 Engine mounts Westerbeke Four – 107
O-38 1970-09-08 DHRIM, Tank design
O-38 1970-09-24 Engine sump drain
O-38 1971-07-04 Deck fittings and toe rail
O-38 1968-01-01 Details on hull construction
O-38 u.å. Changes by Tyler
O-38 u.å. Rudder bearing with stuffing box
O-38 1970-01-05 Lower shroud bolt holes
O-38 1969-03-11 Window cut-outs and frames
O-38 1968-04-10 Window pattern
O-38 u.å. Measurement for window area
O-38 1969-01-28 Measurement for window area
O-38 1972-11-07 Wheel steering design
O-38 1970-05-05 Plan for genoa tracks in deck
O-38 u.å. Foreward hatch
O-38 1967-11-21 Detail on mast step
O-38 1969-08-15 Details on shrouds
O-38 1971-02-05 Details on shrouds
O-38 1969-08-15 Details of lower shrouds
O-38 1971-01-20 Detail on rake of bulkhead in quarter ebrth
O-38 1972-11-10 Design of Dorade Vent
O-38 1969-11-11 Chain plates (inner) dimensions
O-38 1970-08-10 Chain plates Changes
O-38 1970-02-25 Main sheet traveller
O-38 1967-12-18 Rudder shaft
O-38 1968-01-01 Sailplan Sloop
O-38 1967-12-11 Mast
O-38 1971-10-12 Main mast
O-38 1969-01-28 Sailplan Sloop
O-38 1970-06-11 Sailplan Sloop
O-38 1968-01-11 Sailplan Yawl
O-38 u.å. Sailplan Sloop
O-38 1969-11-07 Copy Sail Plan Sloop IOR
O-38 1972-12-14 Sailplan Sloop
O-38 1970-06-11 Copy Sailplan Yawl
O-38 1972-11-30 Sailplan Sloop marked not valid
O-38 1967-12-01 Sailplan Sloop Marked for Sir Owen Aisher
O-38 1972-09-21 Sailplan Sloop marked for Architect Ochsner
O-38 1968-01-01 Floating marks projected
O-38 1974-01-20 Floating marks
O-38 1971-11-25 Floating marks
O-38 1968-01-01 Accommodation plan
O-38 1968-01-01 Accommodation view from top
O-38 1968-01-01 Accommodation view from top, incl positioning of lamps
O-38 1968-09-27 Accommodation view from top
O-38 1968-01-01 Accommodation Looking to Port
O-38 1968-09-27 Accommodation plan port side
O-38 1968-01-01 Accommodation view from top and to port
O-38 1973-01-01 Accommodation view from top
O-38 1968-09-27 Accommodation view to SB
O-38 1973-01-01 Accommodation view to port
O-38 1967-12-01 Accommodation view to port, for Sir Owen Aisher
O-38 1967-12-01 Accommodation view from top, for Sir Owen Aisher
O-38 1967-10-19 Design of Chart table area
O-38 u.å. Cabin table
O-38 1968-01-01 Gimballed table
O-38 1970-12-29 New dynett