338O-351957/01/011O-35 (old) Construction plan
336O-351957/01/012O-35 (old) Offset table
1149O-351/1/19593O-35 (old) Offset table changes
1152O-358/23/19624O-35 (old)/O-36 Offset table changes Aug/1962
1157O-358/27/19625O-35 (old)/O-36 Offset table changes Aug/1962, with hand-written notes
691O-358/1/19626O-35 (old)/O-36 Lines, boat delivered 1963
1150O-351964/04/137O-35 (old) Offset tbale
690O-359/1/19618O-35 (old) Lines and profiles, – wider hull
1151O-351964/04/139O-35 (old) Mark II Frames
663O-357/5/196610O-35 (old) Mark II Modifications Frame 6
1153O-351/1/195711O-35 (old) Keel
1154O-351/1/195712O-35 (old) Keel and comments
1159O-351964/04/1313O-35 (old) Mark II Keel and offset table
697O-351/1/195714O-35 (old) Keel changes
1178O-3511/1/196415O-35 (old) Mark II Rudder design
318O-351956/06/1516O-35 (old) Sail plan “Portuguese Bend Yawl”
581O-351/1/195717O-35 (old) Sail plan yawl rig
302O-351958/01/0118O-35 (old) Sail plan yawl
583O-351/1/196119O-35 (old) Sail plan sloop rig
1695O-3510/9/196220O 35 (old) Sail plan
1156O-354/1/196621O-35 (old) Mark II Sail plan, RORC Measuremtn
309O-351966/04/0522O-35 (old) Mark II Sail plan
1691O-35 23O35 (old) O36 Sail area calculation
1694O-35 24O-35 (old) Sail plan Yawl for Campbell and Shehann
1692O-35 25O35 (old) O36 Sail area calculation Yawl
304O-351957/01/0126O-35 (old) Mast and boom, copy
1160O-356/11/196327O-35 (old) Main mast
1127O-351/1/195728O-35 (old) Details mast fitting
646O-351971/02/2429O-35 Main cabin
319O-351956/06/1530O-35 (old) Accomodation top and port view “Portuguese Bend Yawl”
585O-351/1/195731O-35 (old) accomodation plan, from top & looking to port, copy
308O-351957/01/0132O-35 (old) Drawing ink accomodation
305O-351957/01/0133O-35 (old) Details accomodation
681O-3510/1/196434O-35 (old) Mark II Accomodation
1750O-35u.å.35O-35 (old) Details Aaccomodation, for Brunius
1155O-359/1/196136O-35 (old) Changes to pantry
582O-351/1/195737O-35 (old) Deck plan, copy yawl rig
706O-35u.å.38O-35 (old) Winch arrangement
1722O-351/1/196339O-35 (old) Details on Pursuit
1727O-35 40O-35 (old) Details on Pursuit
1724O-351/1/196341O-35 (old) Details on Pursuit
1725O-351/1/196342O-35 (old) Details on Pursuit
1726O-351/1/196343O-35 (old) Details on Pursuit
1729O-351/1/195844O-35 (old) Craddle design
1147O-356/8/196545O-35 (old) Stuffing box
664O-35 New3/9/19701O-35, initial drawing, sketch
307O-35 new1969/07/192O-35, pencil drawing, lines
672O-35 newu.å.3O-35 Pencil drawing under water design
671O-35 newu.å.4O-35 Pencil drawing keel design
639O-35 new12/9/19695O-35 Section at frame 1 looking aft
637O-35 new12/9/19696O-35 Section at frame 2 looking aft
638O-35 new8/1/19697O-34 Section at frame 3 looking forwad
636O-35 new8/1/19698O-34 Section at frame 3 looking aft
629O-35 New11/10/19719O-35, Station 3
651O-35 New10/27/197110O-35, Station 4
635O-35 new8/1/196911O-35 Section 5 looking forward
634O-35 New10/27/197112O-35, Station 5 1/2
628O-35 New10/27/197113O-35, Station 6
643O-35 newu.å.14O-35 Station 7 1/2
641O-35 newu.å.15O-35 Station 8
661O-35 newu.å.16O-35 Station 9,10,11
650O-35 new1974-01-2517O-35 Station 4, new raised freeboard
1735O-35 new1974-01-2518O-35 New raised freeboard
649O-35 new10/30/197319O-35 Station 4, suggestion of changing the deck and deck-house by rising it
604O-35 new10/31/197320O-35 Modification to elevated coach roof
590O-35 newu.å.21O-35 Suggestions for crusing cutter for deep water (MK III). Bentley Marine Ipswich, Suffolk
615O-35 New1970-11-2522O-35, sections, plan by Tyler
602O-35 New2/1/197023O-35 Moulders plan, by Tyler
667O-35 newu.å.24O-35 Deck and keel construction GRP
299O-35 new1969/08/1525O-35 keel
589O-35 new6/3/197726O-35 Mark III new keel
624O-35 newu.å.27O-35 Rudder design
588O-35 New1970/01/0928O-35: Accomodation plan
298O-35 new1969/05/0129O-35 pencil drawing, accomdation plan, top and looking to port
668O-35 new1969-07-0830O-35 Accomodation plan, from top and looking to port
301O-35 new1969/08/2231O-35 Accomodation plan, from top and looking to port
607O-35 New1970/01/0932O-35: Accomodation plan
656O-35 New1971/02/2433O-35, main cabin
606O-35 New3/31/197134O-35, accomodation plan, looking to port
609O-35 New3/31/197135O-35, accomodation plan, looking from top
658O-35 New10/27/197136O-35, accomodation midships
630O-35 New10/29/197137O-35, forward bulkhead
633O-35 New11/8/197138O-35, galley
594O-35 New12/6/197139O-35, staircase for boat show
632O-35 new9/13/197240O-35, Table
619O-35 newu.å.41O-35 Pencil drawing of chain plate
593O-35 newu.å.42O-35 Deck plan by Tyler
625O-35 new1973/03/1943O-35 Main sheet traveller
605O-35 new1973/03/1944O-35 calculation of wettted surface/displacement
1168O-35 new1973/03/1945O-35 Detail for echosounder sensor
654O-35 new1/1/197346O-35 Modification on boat 18 to secure loosening of keel bolts
608O-35 new11/14/197247O-35 Variation of keel base
610O-35 new1972/04/1748O.35, keel-bolts
653O-35 New3/20/197249O-35, chain-plate/shroud arrangement
597O-35 New2/1/197050O-35 Deck plan by Tyler
623O-35 New1/18/197251O-35, halyard winch arrangement, winches mounted aft
674O-35 New12/31/197152O-35, deck bonding arrangement
673O-35 New12/31/197153O-35, deck bonding arrangement, with text
595O-35 New11/17/197154O-35 Deckplan
621O-35 New11/12/197155O-35, pushpit
620O-35 New11/12/197156O-35, pulpit
626O-35 New10/27/197157O-35, mattress
601O-35 New8/6/197158O-35, Deckfittings
660O-35 New10/1/197059O-35 chainplate prositions
652O-35 New6/26/197060O-35 fuel tank
603O-35 New8/10/197161O-35, bilge pump installation Whale pump
303O-35 new1970/01/0562O35 Cabin top and details
665O-35 new9/1/196963O-34, sail plan
592O-35 New1970/01/0964O-35: Sail plan
618O-35 New1970/01/0965O-35: Sail plan
300O-35 new1970/01/1966O-35 sail plan sloop
587O-35 New9/20/197167O-35, Sail plan, sloop
598O-35 New9/20/197168O-35, Sail plan, sloop, copy, annotations, “original”
599O-35 New9/20/197169O-35, Sail plan, sloop
596O-35 new9/28/197270O-35 rigging dimensions and sizes
612O-35 new10/20/197271O-35 Sail plan by Tyler
611O-35 new11/29/197272O-35 Measuring marks mast
591O-35 New11/29/197273O-35 Measuring marks mast, original
647O-35 new5/17/197374O-35 Marking of floating water line
675O-35 newu.å.75O-35 Boat marking