Ohlson 29

O-29 1970-11-17 Pencil drawing of waterlines, lines and frames
O-29 1970-11-23 Pencil drawing of waterlines, lines and frames
O-29 1969-10-01 Waterlines, frames sideview
O-29 1971-02-11 Design of frame for keel arrangement in hull
O-29 1970-05-01 Pencil drawing frames 1 – 5
O-29 1970-10-27 Offset table at rudder, frames 1- 6, and engine mounts
O-29 1970-11-13 Keel design
O-29 1975-04-10 Keel design with offset table for casting
O-29 1970-11-23 Lines with different keel design versions
O-29 1970-09-29 Offset table for frames
O-29 1970-11-23 Rudder design
O-29 1971-01-29 Propeller shaft arragement
O-29 1975-04-10 Rudder and engine arrangement for VP MD 10A/100S
O-29 1975-03-18 Rudder and engine design for racing version
O-29 1970-12-28 Tiller arrangement and tiller extension, cockpit coamings
O-29 1974-10-09 Keel mounting for Winga Yard
O-29 1971-09-10 Keel design
O-29 1969-10-01 Keel Design II
O-29 1975-03-18 Keel design and offset table for modified for racing version
O-29 1970-11-19 Rudder stock
O-29 1979-08-09 Keel and rudder design for modified version
O-29 1970-11-17 Cabin and deck frames
O-29 1970-12-11 Deck lay-out
O-29 1969-11-01 Construction drawing with deck foam arrangement
O-29 1970-12-11 Deck lay-out
O-29 1969-10-01 Accommodation plan looking from top, to port and at stations
O-29 1969-10-01 Pencil drawing side view
O-29 1970-12-28 Floating marks
O-29 u.å. Sail plan with measures
O-29 1979-08-09 Side view and deck lay-out for modified version
O-29 1979-08-09 Pencil drawing for modification
O-29 1970-12-22 Bunk beneath starboard cockpit side
O-29 1971-01-05 Design of bunks in cabin
O-29 1970-11-17 Hull-deck joint arrangement
O-29 1970-12-01 Foredeck hatch design
O-29 1971-01-25 Hatch design at companionway
O-29 1970-12-02 Beveling of cockpit seats
O-29 1971-01-05 Bunks at station 4 and 6
O-29 1970-12-10 Cockpit draines