315O-281970/03/311Profile and Lines
1013O-289/29/19702Frame area curve
683O-28u.å.3Profile and Lines
1082O-284/1/19704Station # 0, looking aft
1084O-284/1/19705Station # 2, looking aft
1083O-284/1/19706Station # 2 1/2, looking aft
1085O-284/1/19707Station # 3, looking aft
1109O-281974-01-298Station # 3 1/4, looking forward,
1110O-2810/16/19729Station # 3 1/2, looking forward
1086O-284/1/197010Station # 4, looking aft
1112O-281974-01-2911Station # 4 1/2, looking forward
1087O-284/2/197012Station # 5, looking forward
1113O-282/5/197313Station # 5 1/2, looking forward
1089O-284/1/197014Station 6, looking forward
1118O-2810/16/197215Station # 7, looking aft
1090O-285/1/197016Station # 7, looking forward
1116O-2810/16/197217Station # 7 1/2, looking forward
1115O-281974-01-2918Station 7 1/2, looking aft
1091O-289/17/197019Station # 8, looking forward
1092O-289/7/197020Station 9 and 10, looking forward
1088O-289/17/197021Station # 5, looking forward alt II
316O-281970/03/3122Design measurements, offset table of hull, weak copy
1024O-289/24/197323Hull, side view to port
1029O-289/21/197324Deck and cabin, looking from top
686O-284/1/197025Hand annotated drawing of deck, keel, rudder arrangement part 1
687O-284/1/197026Hand annotated drawing of deck, keel, rudder arrangement part 2
1028O-281/1/197027Revised deck arrangement, original, with offsett able
1025O-2810/24/197228Revised deck arrangement, copy, r1973-09-12, 1974-01-17
1026O-288/14/197529Revised deck and cabin, looking from top, 1976-09-10
1027O-2810/24/197230Revised deck arrangement, original, 1973-09-12, 1974-01-17
1105O-281973/04/2431Positioning of bulkheads
1104O-289/10/197432Sketch for building of mockup pf frames
1107O-281970/01/1533Frames for accomodation
1060O-288/18/197034Cast iron keel, with offset table
1061O-284/30/197035Mounting of keel with keel bolts, original
695O-288/18/197036Cast iron keel, design and offset table, copy
696O-284/1/197037Mounting of keel with handwritten annotations, copy
1019O-285/9/197338Pencil drawing keel frame in hull
1078O-2812/31/197039Rudder design
1079O-286/30/197040Rudder with offset table
1034O-286/18/197341Proposal for mounting rudder stock
1080O-289/7/197342Tiller with tiller extension
1102O-28u.å.43Drawing of VP MD6A
1068O-289/6/197644Engine bed for VP MD6A, Yanmar YSEB 8 and YSEB 6
1124O-289/1/197645Positioning of Yanmar engine YSEB 12, cylinders positoned horizontally
1125O-288/31/197646Positioning of Yanmar engine YSEB 12, cylinders positoned vertically
1016O-288/25/197647Boat ladder
1033O-281/5/197848Forward pulpit
1077O-281973/04/2449Window frame
1101O-281/24/197750Steel pulpit, midships
1012O-281/10/197851Pushpit design
1120O-281973/03/2752Bow fitting
1065O-283/1/197454Mast step and mounting on sandwich deck
1039O-286/18/197355Chainplate for aft stay
1017O-281973/04/2656Drawing for mast support in cabin
1067O-281/18/197457Internal mast support with fittings
1106O-28u.å.58Modification with mast support moved forward
1103O-288/29/197459Drawing of mast foot and sheaves for halyards
1064O-288/30/197660Beveling of genoa winch
313O-281973/03/0861Sail plan with measures and spreader
1094O-281/5/197362Sail plan with measures, original
1096O-289/21/197563Sail plan with measures, original, non-standard
1070O-28u.å.64Sail insignia original
1071O-28u.å.65Type pattern and insignia
1072O-28u.å.66Insignia for sail cover
1049O-28u.å.67Accomodation looking from top and to port
1746O-2810/23/197268Accomodation plan, regular version (2 bunks), original
1048O-281/15/197369Accomodation plan, regular version (2 bunks), original, toilet to starboard
1011O-289/22/197070Accomodation plan looking starboard
1041O-281/9/197371Accomodation, regular version, original, looking port
1054O-283/6/197572Accomodation looking from top, dinette version, original
1042O-289/21/197573Deck plan and accomodation, original
1053O-281/9/197374Drawing accomodation with headspace and seating space
1058O-281/8/197375Accomodation, dinette version, from top, with parts numberedcopy
1745O-283/6/197576Accomodation with dinette looking port
1055O-283/6/197377Accomodation, regular version, looking port, with parts numberedcopy
1040O-283/6/197578Accomodation with dinette looking starboard
1014O-282/21/197579Accomodation plan looking port
1021O-282/21/197580Accomodation plan for dinette arrangement
1081O-28 81Accomodation plan, salon, alternative II
1037O-282/21/197582Details wardrrobe and toilet
1031O-2812/20/197484Details forward cabin
1074O-282/21/197585Companionway steps
1022O-283/3/197586Detail of GRP parts for mounting furniture in hull
1035O-2810/14/197587Details wardrobe
707O-281971/02/1188Details of hull-deck arrangement, origin Karlskronavarvet
709O-281971/02/1189Details of GRP parts for cabin, aft, origin Karlskronavarvet
705O-281971/02/1190Details of GRP parts for cabin, forward, origin Karlskronavarvet
677O-281971/02/1191Hand annotated plan of GRP accomodation details, looking to port side
1076O-2810/6/197592Pantry, for “Turist”
701O-2810/7/197593Details cabin arrangement for “Turist”
1015O-2810/7/197594Accomodation plan looking port for “Turist”
1062O-289/8/197095Pencil drawing for cockpit seats
1122O-281974-01-3096Waterline and floating marks
1123O-281974-01-3097Waterline and floating marks, copy, revision of 1975-11.17
1073O-288/31/197698Positioning of windows on cabin
1018O-288/26/197699Table and added table top
1063O-288/27/1976100Porthole, looking to portside
1119O-282/10/1975101Quarter berth tucked under the cockpit
1066O-281974-01-28102Masthead configuration for boat # 10
1020O-281974-01-28103Boat #1 white with 7/8 rig version
1010O-286/23/1970104Keel profile
1030O-281973/03/26105Foot for stanchion post. Drawn by S.U.
1038O-286/14/1973106Anti-slip protection pattern on deck