457O-251973/04/301Lines and waterlines – For Fisksätra båtvarv
454O-251973/04/302Frames – For Fisksätra båtvarv
463O-251973/04/303Waterline, offset table – For Fisksätra båtvarv
462O-256/8/19734Change to original drawing at station 1/2, 1, and 2
467O-256/8/19735Change to original drawing of water lines at station 1/2, 1, and 2
469O-256/8/19736Mast step and keel uptake
477O-252/15/19777Rudder arrangement
478O-251973/04/138Engine placement of Volvo Penta MD2B – For Fisksätra båtvarv
481O-251973/04/259Keel design
486O-255/30/197310Cabin design and off-sets
474O-259/27/197311Proile with water lines at stations 1 – 5
473O-2512/6/197312Profile and side view
466O-255/2/197313Rudder design
461O-259/27/197314Installation of Volvo Penta MD6
460O-255/10/197315Heads at station 4, Alternative 1
455O-256/6/197316Fitting to fix chainplate portside
482O-2512/4/197317Accomodation plan
484O-2512/6/197318Accomodation plan looking starboard
472O-255/30/197319Deck lay out, cockpit moulding from top and side
470O-255/9/197320Accomodation plan Alternative
458O-25u.å.21Accomodation at Station 6
456O-25u.å.22Accomodation at Station 6 1/2
452O-255/9/197323Accomodation Plan Alternative 1
468O-255/14/197324Accomodation plan looking starbaord Alternative 1
453O-255/15/197325Accomodation plan looking starboard Alternative 2
464O-255/16/197326Accomodation looking to port, Alternative 2
465O-2510/30/197327Accomodation Plan Alternative 3
483O-2512/21/197328Sail plan with numbers and spreader
476O-25u.å.29Pencil drawing of boat – dark hull colour
475O-25u.å.30Pencil drawing of boat – light hull colour
471O-25u.å.31Pencil drawing canvas cover
459O-25u.å.32Canvas cover, designed for SY “Lysac”