List of drawings available

A large number of drawings are available for the Ohlson designed 5.5s. However it is important to understand that not each drawings is available for every design/boat. So this is how it works:

Usually there is a “master” design available which has been developed before the different Olympic Games. Individual boats for perspective owners received small changes in the sail plan and other design variables, only those changes are displayed in the individual plans for the boats. Hence there may be just one plan for one boat, ie a modified sail plan available. 

With lots of help we have tried to depict the boats by their initial sail number to individual sailors. This was possible through explanations on the drawings but inconsistencies may remain. The best way to achieve clarity is to search the 5.5 m IC World Fleet Online Database with the adapted (new format) sail number, as this provides better information on each boat and its fate. 

As good as possible we have been able to match individual boats to first owners and yards who built the boats. 

AND…. we are missing drawings for some boats known to the fleet database but we are missing the drawings, This is most prominent for NOR 24, ILVA, which has been the reason for a court case on plagiarism as allegedly the hull plans had been copied to develop the ILVA class in Denmark. But plans for other boats are missing too. We would be delighted to receive additional plans should they be available. 

Sail numberDesign number
Date on drawingInitial name of boatBuilder1st ownerPlan available
SWE-6S/Y1622.12.50HojwaMartinssonsConsortium HojwaTable of offsets, profile and lines
 S/Y1601.01.51   Construction plan
 S/Y16    Profile and lines
 S/Y1612.01.55   Profile and lines
 S/Y1621.12.50   Table of offsets, keel
 S/Y16    Keel
 S/Y1627.01.55   Keel
 S/Y1616.12.50   Sail plan
 S/Y1631.12.54   Sail plan
SWE-17S/Y2407.10.52Jan IXMartinssonsC. TuritzConstruction Plan
 S/Y24    Profile and lines
 S/Y2417.09.52   Table of offsets
 S/Y2401.01.52   Språngkurva
 S/Y2425.09.52   Sail plan
SWE-19S/Y2607.03.53LottenKarlssonsD.A.BoströmConstruction Plan
 S/Y2629.12.52   Table of offsets
 S/Y2601.12.52   Profile and lines
 S/Y2620.12.53   Keel
 S/Y2631.01.53   Sail plan
SWE-18S/Y29 Sha-Sha VIMartinssonsH. & B. SjöstenProfile and lines
 S/Y2915.09.54   Keel and table of offsets
 S/Y2916.06.56   Keel
 S/Y2928.01.54   Sail plan
 S/Y3007.01.54unknownunknownunknownConstruction Plan
 S/Y3007.01.54   Construction plan and Table of offsets
 S/Y3007.01.54   Profile and lines
 S/Y3007.01.54   Keel (same displacement as S/Y26)
 S/Y3007.01.54   Sail plan
SWE-23S/Y3601.01.54Ylliam IIICorsier-PortA. FirmenichProfile and lines
 S/Y3612.10.54   Keel and Table of offsets
 S/Y3614.12.54   Sail plan
FIN-17S/Y3901.09.55Valvins IIICorsier-PortunknownProfile and lines
SUI-14S/Y3917.01.55   Profile and lines with table of offsets
 S/Y3917.09.55   Construction Plan
 S/Y3917.09.55   Keel
FIN-17S/Y3910.10.55MarylinVatorC. MattsonKeel
 S/Y3901.09.55   Curve of keel
 S/Y3910.10.55   Detail of floor and table of offsets
 S/Y3910.10.55   Sail plan
SWE-24S/Y4303.11.55Rush VO. SchelinLars ThörnConstruction plan and Table of offsets
 S/Y4329.10.55   Keel
 S/Y4301.11.55   Table of offsets
 S/Y4325.11.55   Sail plan
ITA-18S/Y4412.12.55Ciocca IIIBagliettoE.M.PoggiConstruction Plan
USA-28S/Y4430.12.55   Sail plan
ITA-19S/Y4601.05.56Grazia VIMostesGiacomo Jack Clerici  & Paolo E. BruzzoniProfile and lines
 S/Y4614.05.56   Construction plan and Table of offsets
 S/Y4614.05.56   Construction plan and Table of offsets
 S/Y4614.05.56   Keel Table of offsets
 S/Y4901.02.57unknownunknownunknownProfile and lines
 S/Y4920.02.51   Construction plan and Table of offsets
 S/Y4916.02.57   Keel
 S/Y49    Mast
DEN-10S/Y5201.02.58Web IIO. SchelinW. BerntsenProfile and lines
 S/Y5228.02.58   Construction Plan
 S/Y5221.02.58   Construction plan and Table of offsets
 S/Y5208.02.58   Keel / Table of offsets
ITA-28S/Y5301.10.58AquilaBagliettoSVMM/Navy BoatProfile and lines
ARG-2S/Y5320.10.58ArdillaO. SchelinR. SieburgerConstruction Plan
ITA-28S/Y5310.10.58   Construction plan and Table of offsets
 S/Y5310.10.58   Keel
 S/Y5320.10.58   Sail plan
SWE-27S/Y5401.11.58FantasiSundsansvikG. AnderssonProfile and lines
 S/Y5429.01.59   Construction Plan
 S/Y5408.12.58   Construction plan and Table of offsets
 S/Y5426.11.58   Keel
 S/Y5408.01.59   Sail plan
SUI-36S/Y5526.08.59Ylliam XIVO. SchelinA. FirmenichConstruction Plan
 S/Y5505.10.59   Construction plan and Table of offsets
 S/Y5507.05.59   Keel
 S/Y5521.11.59   Sail plan
 S/Y5521.11.59   Sail plan
 S/Y5520.05.59   Sail plan
SWE-30S/Y5622.12.59IashaO. SchelinC. Turitz & B. SjöstenConstruction Plan
 S/Y56    Table of offsets
 S/Y5611.11.59   Construction plan and Table of offsets
 S/Y5604.11.59   Keel and table of offsets
 S/Y5608.11.59   Lines for tank testing
 S/Y5603.02.60   Sail plan
SWE-32S/Y5730.11.59MarinaO. SchelinG. SvenssonConstruction plan and Table of offsets, Keel from S/Y56 should be used
GBR-10S/Y5828.12.59Yeoman VIICarlsson Br. O. A. AisherConstruction plan and Table of offsets
 S/Y5824.11.59   Sail plan
USA-24S/Y5928.12.59WistfulArendalsG.D.O’DayConstruction plan and Table of offsets
 S/Y5904.12.59   Keel and table of offsets
 S/Y5908.02.60   Sail plan
SWE-33S/Y6020.01.60NowaSundsansvikF. WassènConstruction Plan
 S/Y6030.12.59   Table of offsets
 S/Y6014.01.60   Sail plan
02.10.61Ciocca IV
Alain IV
O. Schelin
P. Ramlet
Table of offsets for tank testing
SUI-52S/Y6308.11.60Scatoulitsa IIIO. SchelinS. Aga KhanProfile and lines
 S/Y6308.11.60   “Old” profile and lines
 S/Y6330.12.60   Construction Plan
 S/Y6306.12.61   Construction Plan with equipment details
 S/Y6301.10.61   Calculation of keel weight for S/Y63-A
 S/Y6306.11.61   Sail plan
ITA-39S/Y6620.12.60   Keel and table of offsets
SUI-52S/Y6328.09.61   Keel modifications
 S/Y6315.02.61   Sail plan
    Keel modifications
ITA-39S/Y6708.11.61Twins XIIArendalsM. ObertiProfiles and lines, copy only
CAN-22S/Y6814.11.61NantoriaO. SchelinE. BarkerSail plan
GBR-33S/Y6928.12.61Yeoman XCarlsson Br. R. AisherSail plan
 S/Y6915.01.63   Detail of Rudder
 S/Y6915.01.63   Detail of Rudder
 S/Y6910.09.62   Mast step profile
 S/Y6928.12.61   Sail plan
FRA-21S/Y7027.12.61ArionO. SchelinM. d’AutryProfile and mast position
 S/Y7019.12.61   Keel
 S/Y7003.11.61   Table of offsets
 S/Y7009.11.61   Sail plan
RUS-1S/Y7101.04.62Druzhba IIIO. SchelinMoscow Club VMFProfile and lines, adjusted from S/Y55
 S/Y7130.04.62   Profile and lines with table of offsets
 S/Y7105.06.62   Construction Plan
 S/Y71    Keel
 S/Y7125.07.62   Floating calculation
 S/Y7130.05.62   Sail plan
SWE-37S/Y7220.11.62unknownunknownunknownProfile and lines
 S/Y7220.11.62   Profile and lines
 S/Y7220.11.62   Subset of lines
 S/Y7219.08.63   Construction Plan
 S/Y72Not stated   Keel
 S/Y7201.01.63   Keel
 S/Y7215.09.62   Sail plan
AUS-1S/Y7317.10.62AltairBarnettT. CarrProfile and lines
 S/Y73    Construction Plan
 S/Y7308.10.62   Keel and table of offsets
 S/Y73    Keel calculation
 S/Y7304.01.63   Sail plan
SUI-54S/Y7405.11.62Ylliam XVArendalsA. FirmenichProfile and lines
 S/Y7405.11.62   Details of pofile and lines
 S/Y7429.01.64   Keel
SUI-54S/Y7430.10.62   Sail plan
FRA-24S/Y7506.12.62Snowton IVOhlson Br.L. ChauvotSail plan
GER-11S/Y7620.11.62MechtildO. SchelinJ. PankoferProfile and lines
 S/Y7605.12.62   Sail plan
ITA-42S/Y7720.11.62GrifoneO. SchelinMarivela SVMMProfile and lines
 S/Y7720.11.62   Detail of profile and lines
 S/Y7720.12.62   Sail plan
 S/Y7720.02.63   Sail plan
GER-13S/Y7825.09.63SünnschienO. SchelinR. HarmstorfProfile andLines
 S/Y7819.08.63   Construction plan
 S/Y7809.10.63   Profiles and lines
 S/Y7809.10.63   Tabe of offsets
 S/Y7801.10.63   Keel
 S/Y7819.02.63   Sail plan
 S/Y7830.12.60   Details of floors
 S/Y7820.12.63   Detail (Seat)
AUS-16S/Y7906.05.63PamO. SchelinJ. SturrockProfile and lines
 S/Y7906.05.63   Table of offsets
 S/Y7904.05.63   Keel
 S/Y7905.05.63   Sail plan
ITA-46S/Y8030.12.60Twins XIIIO. SchelinM. ObertiConstruction Plan
 S/Y8022.11.63   Construction Plan
 S/Y8001.10.63   Frames
 S/Y8030.12.60   Details of floors
 S/Y80u.å.   Keel
 S/Y8012.11.63   Sail plan
USA-63S/Y8107.10.63Chahala IIArendalsH. GumprechtConstruction Plan
 S/Y8107.10.63   Table of offsets
 S/Y8101.10.63   Keel
 S/Y8130.12.60   Details of floors
 S/Y8106.02.64   Sail plan
SWE-40S/Y8201.10.63Marina IIS. Carlsson Br. G. SvenssonProfile and lines
 S/Y8222.11.63   Construction Plan
 S/Y8230.12.60   Details of floors
 S/Y8204.11.63   Table of offsets
 S/Y8213.09.63   Keel
 S/Y8201.11.63   Sail plan
 S/Y8319.08.63unknownunknownunknownConstruction Plan
 S/Y8324.11.63   Profile and lines, table of offsets
 S/Y8319.08.63   Construction Plan
 S/Y8325.11.63   Table of offsets
 S/Y8330.12.60   Details of floors
 S/Y8324.10.63   Sail plan
DEN-11S/Y8412.12.63Web IIIO. SchelinW. BerntsenConstruction Plan
 S/Y8404.11.63   Frames
 S/Y8415.11.63   Details of floors
 S/Y8411.11.63   Keel
 S/Y8414.11.63   Sail plan
 S/Y8414.11.63   Sail plan
GBR-12S/Y8515.01.64Yeoman XIICarlsson Br. R. AisherProfiles and lines
 S/Y8512.12.63   Construction Plan
 S/Y8501.01.64   Plan aft
 S/Y8515.11.63   Details of floors
 S/Y8515.01.64   Keel
 S/Y8515.01.64   Copy of eel
 S/Y85    Sail plan
SWE-41S/Y8805.09.62Carioca IIIS. Carlsson Br. FredellProjekt No 1 1962
 S/Y8825.11.64   Copy of profiles and lines
 S/Y8819.11.64   Profiles and lines
 S/Y8812.12.64   Construction plan
 S/Y8807.12.64   Keel
SUI-82S/Y9405.09.66   Profile and Lines
 S/Y9401.11.66Nisse IIIPortierE. EgliCopy of construction plan
 S/Y9401.11.66   Keel
 S/Y9401.11.66   Frames 11 and 12
 S/Y94u.å.   Detail for distance of frames for model in tanktesting
 S/Y9417.10.66   Volume of lead keel
 S/Y9405.09.66   Table of offsets, tanktested
 S/Y9404.11.66   Table of offsets, Version B
 S/Y9427.10.67   Table of offsets, Version C
 S/Y9406.12.67   Table of offsets, Version D
 S/Y9406.12.67   Modification aft of keel, Version D
 S/Y9415.11.66   Sail plan
SUI-103S/Y9530.11.66Pacha VCorsier-PortJ.P.ClercProfiles and lines
 S/Y9517.11.66   Keel
 S/Y9505.12.66   Sail plan
GBR-35S/Y9616.01.67Yeoman XVCarlsson Br. R. AisherTable of offsets
 S/Y9604.02.67   Sail plan
ITA-55S/Y9829.11.66RabicanoSalataFIV (It. Sail. Fed)Profile and lines
 S/Y9802.12.66   Construction plan
 S/Y9823.11.66   Keel
 S/Y9805.12.66   Copy of sailplan
SUI-80S/Y9921.12.66SilenceCorsier-PortJ. MausProfiles and lines
 S/Y9930.12.66   Construction Plan
 S/Y9906.12.66   Keel
 S/Y9923.01.67   Sail plan
BaumannJ. ZubererProfiles and lines
 S/Y10110.02.67   Keel, plan marked as incorrect
 S/Y10106.03.67   Sail plan
SUI-88S/Y10315.08.67Toucan VIIIBaumannM. SternProfiles and lines
 S/Y10314.08.67   Keel
 S/Y10315.08.67   Section 13, 14, 15
 S/Y10315.08.67   Table of Offsets
SWE-49S/Y10415.01.68Rush VIIIO. SchelinL ThörnConstruction plan
 S/Y10412.01.68   Profile and lines
 S/Y104u.å.   Profile and lines/aft
 S/Y10402.01.68   Keel
 S/Y10421.12.67   Keel
 S/Y10416.12.67   Freeboard?
 S/Y10415.01.68   Table of Offsets Keel
 S/Y10415.01.68   Sail plan
SUI-105S/Y11101.02.73OlegEggerP. ChopardConstruction Plan
 S/Y11102.02.73   Profile and lines
 S/Y11102.02.73   Profiles and lines
 S/Y11124.01.73   Keel
 S/Y11106.02.73   Details of floors
 S/Y11126.01.73   Sail plan
 S/Y11126.01.73   Headsail sheeting system
 S/Y11126.01.73   Headsail sheeting system
 S/Y11123.01.73   Rudder
SWE-015Sha-Sha VMartinssonsB. SjöstenMissing
DEN-9S/Y50WebMolichW. BerntsenMissing
NOR-23IlvaLarsenTh. SommerschieldMissing
GRE-2O. SchelinHM King Constantin of GreeceMissing