Einar and Carl-Eric Ohlson formed the design office, Ingenjörsfirman Bröderna Ohlson, in 1951.

When Carl-Eric Ohlson resigned in 1957 the company was transformed into a joint-stock company with Einar Ohlson and his wife, Wallis, as the two main shareholders.

The design office operated from 1951 to September 1999.

Wallis, married Einar Ohlson in 1954 and was an inside sales secretary, highly skilled in English, French and German and worked also as the accountant until the company closed down in 1999.

Einar and Wallis Ohlson were a devoted hard working couple. During five decades they had both design and sales employees; Barry Walker, sales representative, Sverker Ullerstam, design assistant, Lars Myrén sales representative (1961 – 1975) and Christer Båth, design assistant.

Fifty-four(54) different boat models have been identified, designed by the Ohlson Brothers, as co-designers or individually.

The company never owned or intended to own production facilities. From very early on the designe office understood the opportunity of separating the design and production process of boat building.

They went further and encouraged their designs to be built by as many yards possible and allocating high-quality plus cost effective building of hulls to those known to be experts in the trade in Europe and in Sweden and finishing the hulls by well known local expert boat-builders in Sweden.

Sixty-three(63) different yards/locations in eleven countries have been identified where the Ohlson designed boats have been built.